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  • Technology Advisory Services

Technology Advisory Services

The developments in technology remain rapid, providing a constant stream of opportunities for organizations to be better, more efficient, leaner, innovative and successful. However, the reality is that many boards, executives and management are still trying to get a firmer hold on technology. Extracting real value from technology that translates into tangible benefits whilst effectively managing technology risks remains a challenge for many organizations.
Our Technology Advisory team consists of seasoned technology advisors who come from a diverse background and cover a range of specialist skill sets.  Our passion is to see organizations extract the best value from a reliable, secure technology environment with high integrity. We see technology in a business context rather than in a silo.
We firmly believe that ‘value add’ and ‘quality’ can only be created if there is significant involvement of senior, seasoned professionals that are able to bring their vast international experiences, lessons learned and exposures to good practices. We have the right team: we question, analyze, challenge and inspire change.

Shivendra Jha, Head of Advisory and International Liaison Partner (ILP)

Head of Advisory and International Liaison Partner (ILP)

IT & Cyber Internal Audits

The developments in technology remain rapid, providing a constant stream of opportunities for organisations to be better, more efficient, leaner, innovative, and successful. Extracting real value from technology that translates into tangible benefits while effectively managing technology risks remains a challenge for many organisations. We at BDO, help our clients to manage technology risks and derive value from IT. Our passion is to see organisations extract the best value from a reliable, secure technology environment with high integrity.



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2021 has been a particularly interesting year as it comes off the heels of the partially recovered COVID 19 world, and with it, partial social distancing measures. Still, the world is more connected than ever as workforce remains remote to some degree, and unfortunately, that means cybersecurity has become increasingly relevant to virtually everyone. Moreover, firms, governments, and individuals alike tend to view information security retroactively, where issues are often analysed after they occur, and this presents high risk while giving little value in preventing them from recurring. 

Technology Consulting Services

BDO’s Technology consulting team will help in building your vision and enable you to achieve your technology goals and objectives, without compromising on security aspects of the organisations. We will work with you to understand the business capability, leverage it, and deliver the innovative solutions where needed. Together, we will achieve the required transformation envisioned for your business by delivering high quality work with visible improvements on the business.



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Most of us are no stranger to receiving Short Message Services (SMSs) containing links to phishing sites or invitations to participate in online betting sites. These are usually ignored since they are easily identified as dubious entities. Having said that, a friend of mine recently received a SMS from supposedly one of our local banks informing him of a newly added payee. Despite being able to identify the SMS as a clear tell-tale sign of a phishing message, he clicked on the provided link out of curiosity. 

Cybersecurity Services

While all organizations are potential targets of cyberattacks, the industries which possess the most valuable data are the biggest targets including financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, Government, and travel. All organizations possess valuable information assets, which may include intellectual property (IP), financial payment information, client information, supply chain partners’ information and personally identifiable information, which needs to be protected against cyberattacks.



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In today's cyber-literate world, every business is vulnerable to cyber attacks and no one is immune. Yet, the more sophisticated your digital footprint is, the greater your vulnerability becomes, and the higher the risks are without solid cyber risk management tools and response strategies.

Managed Security Services

As organisations struggle through ever changing digital and security landscape, managed security services with its unique benefits emerge as a silver lining in managing, monitoring, and securing the digital crown jewels of any organisation. Depending only on traditional resources such as antivirus and firewalls, may not prevent the organisations from cyberattacks in the current world. Therefore, many companies are choosing to invest in outsourcing their required information security services to a highly qualified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), which offers a high level of security, substantial cost savings, and the freedom to concentrate on growing their business.


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The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) has introduced a new Data Protection Law, ‘Federal Decree-Law No (45) of 2021’ in September 2021 and entered into force on 2 January 2022, to govern the collection and processing of personal data in the country. 

Consulting Services

At BDO, we advise our clients on emerging technologies and help them in transforming their technology ecosystem to meet business and their customer’s requirements. We enable their technology ecosystem with deep understanding of their people, process, and technology environment along with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.




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In the post-pandemic middle market, organizations must either go digital or go dark. Our latest BDO Digital insight includes a 10-step digital transformation playbook to help leaders reimagine their businesses to ensure long-term success. .