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  • Space Race

Space Race

25 August 2021

“The stars are much closer than we think”.

For more than 50 years humanity has been active in space and though the number of people to visit space for themselves are few, the entire world has reaped the benefits of space exploration. From our modern telecommunications system to modern computers to solar cells, the innovations made to rise to the challenges of exploring our solar system have tangible effects on Earth as well.

Active exploration and rapid growth of the global space industry enable multilateral perspectives in the future.

A New Space Age is boosted by big private companies entering the space, indicating commercialization of industry. They are “SpaceX” which is headed by Elon Musk, one of the most influential businessmen in the space industry, who aims to make life multiplanetary by launching the 1st civilian mission to The Moon and establishing a Mars colony, “Blue Origin” headed by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, applies his ‘slow and steady’ approach to building a solid space business, whose vision concentrates on the preservation of the planet and near-Earth space colonies and Richard Branson, the world’s famous entrepreneur and adventurer, who aims at pioneering and leading space tourism. Branson plans to establish the Spaceline with regular suborbital flights executed by a reusable spacecraft system.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are in the same market, suborbital space tourism, with New Shepard and SpaceShipTwo (Tier 1b), respectively.

They are in a race to be first to launch paying customers on short spaceshots, with rival technological philosophies of space capsules and spaceplanes, respectively.

Space transportation is expected to develop enormously, enabling the growth of all the other space industries. In the next 2-3 decades, space exploration will be driven by both existing and futuristic technologies and solution and 30 years ahead — humanity will reach new horizons and overcoming challenges in the solar system and beyond.

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