19 March 2017

The introduction of VAT will be a major change for the region and businesses need to be ready. VAT is a tax that touches all parts of the business and it brings a range of risks and challenges that need to be addressed. BDO has the skills and experience to help you navigate through the changes and we have developed a process to ensure that businesses are VAT compliant from day one.

Using a phased methodology we help our clients to identify all of the areas of their business that will need to adapt for VAT. We then build a detailed and comprehensive action plan and assist with implementation.

Throughout the process we work closely with the client team to transfer the skills and knowledge the team will need to deal with VAT compliance and VAT risk in the long-term. The time required to prepare properly should not be underestimated and implementing a VAT strategy early is the best way to avoid unnecessary cost, problems with suppliers and customers and penalties for non-compliance.

For VAT implementatin plan, download PDF