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Transaction Advisory Services

We help businesses and their management exploit opportunities in the growing economy and help them in minimising risk and maximising the value of their businesses.
Our experienced team of professionals understands our clients’ goals and priorities and evaluates the opportunity, manages transactions such as acquisition due diligence, vendor due diligence, forecast reviews, project feasibility and business valuations to deliver optimal results.
The firm specialises in offering practical and objective advice in the principal areas of transaction advisory services: 
  • Business valuation services
  • Financial due diligence service
  • Business plan
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Financial review

Assessment of a business’ viability, and providing detailed plans for its turnaround

The firm’s clientele in management services include various small to large multinationals, government departments, as well as companies in the public and private sectors of industry. 

Strategically focused and remarkably responsive, BDO's Transaction Advisory Services professionals work closely with the client and assist them in achieving their strategic objective. We understand the most successful transactions are built by the efficient coordination of knowledgeable resources in tight timeframes, all the while focused on maximizing value and minimizing risk.
Our transaction advisory services team is a hands-on, partner-led group of seasoned advisors who are focused on promoting regular, ongoing open dialogues to address client needs at every stage of the transaction cycle. Our due diligence work plans are both tailored and comprehensive, and aim to deliver a robust quality of earnings results.
Delivering focused, value added advisory services begins with listening and understanding the needs of each client and tailoring the scope of our work to their specific circumstances. We concentrate on our client’s strategic objectives, negotiation and savings opportunities in defining the services appropriate to each transaction. To further this approach, our engagement teams consistently apply:
  • A well-defined approach for assessing key financial and cash-flow pitfalls as well as tax exposures and savings that may impact buyers or sellers 
  • Responsive and knowledgeable sounding boards to address and resolve concerns before they become issues 
  • Constructive and proactive working environments that foster communication and positive outcomes, thereby controlling costs 
If you would like to find out how we can help your business, please contact Shashank Jain by email on