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Corporate Advisory

Our specialist corporate finance team has the experience and skills to provide our clients with professional advice and services in the following areas:

  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Sourcing new capital
  • Debt financing
  • Assessment of a business’ viability, and providing detailed plans for its turnaround
  • Business valuation
  • Negotiations assistance
  • Litigation support
  • Corporate recovery and insolvency reviews.

BDO's specialist corporate recovery and insolvency partners are appointed to act as liquidators, administrators, receivers, trustees or monitors, or act directly as advisors to trustees or creditors' committees.

The firm advises clients and assists them in strategically planning the formation of companies and other legal entities in all the Emirates of UAE and their Free Trade Zones in accordance with the local laws and regulations. The firm also assists the clients in the following areas:
  • Identifying projects

 Through the BDO network, the firm has access to international expertise in a wide range of specialist services, such as:

  •  Assurance services
  • Charity consulting
  • Arbitration and mediation services
  • Hospital and health care management

The firm’s expertise in local tax regulations enables it to offer expert tax advice to its expatriate clients, helping them to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax burdens.

BDO provides speedy and proactive access to the latest developments in international tax planning, which in turn helps us to advise foreign investors on international tax regulations. In UAE, our tax consultants provide the following services:

  • Tax planning, cross-border international tax planning matters
  • Advisory and consultancy services, tax treaties and policies on tax incentives, fees and charges, and indirect taxes.
  • Expatriate tax services and the utilisation of foreign tax credits, hence maximising tax benefits.

We aim to ensure that your finance provider and the method of financing fits your circumstances.

To assist our clients in making a strategic decision, we provide tailored market research covering areas such as the current and the anticipated. This information forms the base for an initial decision as to whether the opportunities are in line with your goals.

We can assist in transforming your corporate goals to reality. For example, we can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners in the local or international markets. The knowledge obtained and our extensive network of industry contacts facilitates this process.

To operate effectively, a company needs a set of realistic objectives. We can provide assistance to management in clarifying the corporate goals and acting as an independent sounding board with experience on what is successful both within the domestic market and internationally.

Our experience in dealing with funding agencies and finance institutions enables us to identify the types of information they will require and to assist you with presenting your case during the negotiation process. We aim to ensure that your finance provider and the method of financing suggested fits your circumstances and your objectives.


If you would like to find out how we can help your business, please contact Shivendra Jha.